About Us

Dealhub was born to solve a huge gap in the marketplace.
Businesses are always offering deals and discounts in efforts to drive up sales. These businesses create beautiful and sometimes expensive graphics only to post on their social media pages or sponsored ads on the internet hoping that a consumer will stumble upon the discount message and be converted and convinced to shop.

On the other hand, Consumers are always on the lookout for deals discounts and offers that will save them money. Always looking for best value for money and if they can save a few coins then why not.

There is no singular channel to find all the deals and discounts and that is why we created Dealhub.

Our platforms (Website, Application and Newsletters) for businesses to post / announce deals and promos and a destination for consumers to find great verified deals!

Dealhub is not your typical e-commerce site. Consumers won’t be able to purchase through the site or app. Consumers will be redirected to the vendors’ sites/products and services through urls or action button messages customized by the vendors.

Think of Dealhub as a digital billboard or a digital bulletin board just for great deals and offers and in one or two clicks you find exactly what you are looking for and saving at least 20%.

Our goal is to be the Home of all deals and we promise that all our deals are at least 20% off

Deal Hub
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