2021 Best Online Shopping Sites in Kenya.


Are you looking for the best online shopping sites in Kenya which can help you make your life easier? Well, thank us later! With an mushrooming of online sites everyday, offering you multiple things to choose, we have made a list of the top websites which will help you decide.

For electronics, Fashion needs, furniture, or beauty, we will help you get the best Ecommerce shopping. With convenient order & delivery, secure exchange, refund policy, and multiple payment options, Online shopping sites in Kenya are performing exceptionally well. So well, that the market share of online websites was expected to go up to by the end of 2020. As such, top players are setting up their stores online to offer more options to their customers. There are tens of benefits including choosing between various methods of payment, cash-on-delivery on expensive products, delivery speed Customers have all the reasons to purchase from stores online instead of shopping offline. Consequently, an increasing number of websites are establishing themselves to offer more options to their customers. Let’s begin with the Top 10 first!

Have a look at the top 10 best online shopping sites in Kenya for 2021.

Here is the curated list of the top 10 online shopping sites in Kenya across different categories. To find the ranking of your favourite website, read on!



Jumia Kenya
Jumia Kenya 2021 Best Online Shopping Sites in Kenya.

This website needs no introduction, and it is the current king of marketplaces. By adding new options every day, it is getting better. Name it, and they have it, be it household products, electronics, clothing, books, furniture, etc. For some of its products, Jumia offers express delivery. No wonder it is considered to be the best online shopping site in Kenya! 



sky.garden 2021 Best Online Shopping Sites in Kenya.

They have everything from clothing, appliances, sports equipment, furniture to electronics as well. They offer heavy discounts on most of the products and offer multiple payment options for your convenience. With their amazing daily offers, they have gained huge success over the last year. For entrepreneurs sky garden is one of the best online shopping sites in Kenya that allows informal traders, SMEs and established businesses to sell their products. With sky.garden you can upload products and start selling your products immediately via your own free mobile webshop.



www.purpink.co.ke 2021 Best Online Shopping Sites in Kenya.

Want to send flowers or a cake to a loved one when you are far away? PURPINK is the answer to your prayers. This website schedules and executes the timely delivery of personalized gifts. They have different options for different occasions. Be it pillows, cakes, flowers, jewelry, photo frames, they have it all. You can choose what fits your likes and budget and place your order. You can also add a message for the person you’re sending it to. One of the top online shopping sites in Kenya if you want anything delivered for a special occasion.



jiji 2021 Best Online Shopping Sites in Kenya.

Formerly known as OLX An online marketplace that provides a platform for peer-to-peer selling. Anyone can buy and sell just about anything (legal, of course) on OLX; from cars, furniture, electronics, even livestock. Since items here are often used or second-hand, prices are generally cheaper. Unlike other online stores, prices on OLX are negotiable between the buyer and the seller. Although usually considered free, users who wish to sell their goods faster can opt for the premium services that will enable your ads to appear at the top of the page.



cheki.co.ke 2021 Best Online Shopping Sites in Kenya.

Cheki is an advertising E-commerce platform for buyers and sellers to showcase their cars, vans and other vehicles. Established in 2010 to advertise cars on their platform, they offer a wide range of quality vehicles for buying and selling and its no wonder they are the most sought-after online car directory in Kenya with a strong presence in Nigeria, Ghana Tanzania and Uganda.



Vutia.co.ke 2021 Best Online Shopping Sites in Kenya.

Started operating as a physical shop before morphing into a thriving online shopping destination, what differentiates this online store from the rest is their large stock of smartphones. They offer a unique selection of gadgets that are the most competitive in terms of prices in the market. You do not need to wait for your favourite phone to launch in Kenya. Vutia offers various types of shipping options like global shipping (international products delivered in 7-14 days), bulk shipping (bulky items like cookers, fridge and furniture delivered in just one day) and express (T.V and smartphones delivered within 3-4 hours). They deliver in 47 counties outside of Nairobi and also cover Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, South Sudan.



mydawa: 2021 Best Online Shopping Sites in Kenya.

With the growing internet era, almost everything is possible online including doorstep medicine delivery. mydawa is one of the pioneering leaders of the online e-pharmacy market in Kenya. This online store is also sure to provide par-excellent services at a reasonable price.



Ticketsasa: 2021 Best Online Shopping Sites in Kenya.

Ticketsasa is a great place to make reservations for your travel. You can book hotels, flights, and trains on their website. They have good deals on flight tickets to help you save money.



Africasokoni 2021 Best Online Shopping Sites in Kenya.

AfricaSokoni is an online marketplace that tries to focus on African Products. Made in Africa By Africans. They also have categories as other marketplaces be it household products, electronics, clothing, books, furniture, etc. Although their prices might be on the high end, one thing they are known for is their durable and long-lasting products. For those who favor quality rather than quantity, give this online stores a try.

Motherandbaby.co.ke 2021 Best Online Shopping Sites in Kenya

If you are dreaming big for your little one, look nowhere else. Kenyas largest online store for baby-wear (Yes, that’s a real word), find the best baby clothes and products here. From toys to soaps, from nappies to jeans, your kid is going to look back at those videos and wonder, “Damn, I had style.”

Here is the list of other online shopping sites in Kenya and links to their websites:

Fashion E-Commerce Stores.

a). Ellas Baby Store – http://www.ellasbabystore.com

b). Mother Baby Shop – http://www.motherbabyshop.co.ke

c). Kasha – http://www.kasha.co.ke

c). Baby Mama – http://www.babymama.co.ke

d). Taji Store – http://www.tajistore.com

e). Tique Abou Clothing – http://www.tiqueabouclothing.com

f). Binti Online – http://www.binti.co.ke

g). Amore – http://www.amore.co.ke

g). Ichyulu –http://www.ichyulu.com

Food & Drinks E-Commerce Stores.

a). Dial Up Liquor Store – http://www.dialupliquor.co.ke

b). Soys Kenya – http://www.soys.co.ke

c). Gobeba Kenya – http://www.gobeba.com

d). Yum Deliveries – http://www.yum.co.ke

e). Oaks n Corks – http://www.oaksncorks.com

f). Nairobi Meal Box- http://www.nairobimealbox.co.ke

g). Savage Foodie – http://www.savage.co.ke

h). LetaFood – http://www.letafood.co.ke

i). Nairobi Drinks – http://www.nairobidrinks.co.ke

j). Royal Foods Kenya – http://www.royalfoods.co.ke

k). Brioche Africa – http://www.briocheafrica.com

l). Cake City – http://www.cakecity.co.ke

Kinywaji.com – http://www.kinywaji.com

m). Greenspoon- http://www.greenspoon.co.ke

Financial & Insurance Services E-Commerce

a). Flexpay – http://www.flexpay.co.ke

b). Aspira Kenya – http://www.aspira.co.ke

c). Pesa Bazaar – http://www.pesabazaar.com

d). Jambo Sure – http://www.jambosure.com

e). Insure Afrika – http://www.insureafrika.com

f). Next Insurance – http://www.nextinsurance.co.ke

g). Lipa Later – http://www.lipalater.com

h). Mula by Cellulant- http://www.mula.co.ke

Music & Entertainment E-Commerce

a). Get Mziki – http://www.getmziki.com

b). Mdundo – http://www.mdundo.com

c). Boomplay – http://www.boomplaymusic.com

d). Aipate Music Blog – http://www.aipate.com

e). 64hiphop – http://www.64hiphop.com

f). Kenyan Musik – http://www.kenyanmusik.co.ke

Electronics & Computers E-Commerce.

a). Vutia – https://www.vutia.co.ke/

b). Bright Technologies – http://www.bright.co.ke

c). Dove Computers – http://www.dovecomputers.co.ke

d). GranTech Kenya – http://www.grantech.co.ke

e). DukaTech – http://www.dukatech.co.ke

f). Vivid Gold – http://www.vividgold.co.ke

g). Orion Online Mall – http://www.oriononlinemall.co.ke

h). Laptop Clinic – http://www.laptopclinic.co.ke

i). Obee Online Shop – http://www.obee.co.ke

j). Omaar Marketplace – http://www.oe.co.ke

k). Samaju – http://www.samaju.co.ke

 Health & Beauty E-Commerce

a). Sugar Punch Beauty – http://www.sugarpunchbeauty.co.ke

b). Kasha – http://www.kasha.co.ke

c). Goodlife Pharma – http://www.goodlifepharma.com

d). Malibu Pharm – http://www.malibupharmacy.co.ke

e). Healthy U – http://www.healthyu.co.ke

f). Optica – http://www.optica.africa

g). ePharmacy – http://www.epharmacy.co.ke

h). The Health Cart – http://www.healthcart.co.ke

i). Beauty Click – http://www.beautyclick.co.ke

Home, Furniture & Interior E-Commerce.

a). Elegance Furniture – http://www.elegance.co.ke

b). Furniture Palace – http://www.furniturepalacekenya.com

c). Jabali Furniture – http://www.jabalifurniture.com

d). Safvic Furniture – http://www.safvicfurniture.com

e). Office Mart – http://www.officemart.co.ke

f). Superfoam Ltd- http://www.superfoam.co.ke

Home Improvement E-Commerce

a). Shop Nanjala- http://www.shopnanjala.com

b). Kraft Kenya – http://kraftkenya.com

c). Organized planet – http://www.organized-planet.com

d). Ythera – http://www.ythera.co.ke

e). Wallpaper Kenya – http://www.wallpaperkenya.co.ke

f). Housemark – http://www.housemark.co.ke

g). Vitu Zote – http://www.vituzote.com

h). Market Power – http://www.marketpower.co.ke

Home Appliances E-Commerce.

a). Lg Brand Shop – http://lg.brandshop.co.ke

b). Hot Point –http://www.hotpoint.co.ke

c). Mika Appliances –http://www.mikaappliances.com

d). Ramtons – http://www.ramtons.com

e). Armaco Kenya – http://www.armcokenya.com

f). Cookswell – http://www.cookswell.co.ke

g). Newmatic – http://www.newmatic.co.ke

h). Orion Online Mall – http://www.oriononlinemall.co.ke

Sports, Leisure & Fitness E-Commerce

a). Decathlon Sports Kenya – http://www.decathlon.co.ke

b). M&E Sportswear – http://www.mesportswear.co.ke

c). Nairobi Sports House – http://www.nairobisportshouse.com

d). Fitstan Kenya – http://www.fitstan.co.ke

e). Fanbase Kenya – http://fanbase.co.ke

Travel & Tourism E-Commerce.

a). Kaps Ltd – http://www.kaps.co.ke

b). ogaVenu – http://www.ogavenue.com

c). Safari Center – http://www.safari-center.com

d). The Great Lakes Hotel – http://www.thegreatlakeshotel.com

e). Bucketlist Adventures – http://www.bucketlist.co.ke

f). Alba Hotel Meru – http://www.albahotels.co.ke

g). Karibu Taxi – http://www.kariburaxi.com

h). TrippyGoTours – http://www.trippygotours.com

i). Expeditions –http:// www.expeditions.co.ke

Automotive E-Commerce.

a). Subaru – http://parts.subarukenya.com

b). My Parts – http://www.myparts.co.ke

c). Auto Parts – http://www.autoparts.co.ke

d). Park Spares – http://www.pakspares.co.ke

e). Dashcam Center – http://dashcamcenter.co.ke

f). Pipeman- http://store.pipeman.com

Telecommunications E-Commerce

a). Duka Tech – http://www.dukatech.co.ke

b). Tradios – http://www.tradios.co.ke

c). Glantix – http://www.glantix.co.ke

d). Mackphilisa Computer Systems – http://www.mcs.co.ke

e). Phonelink – http://www.phonelink.co.ke

f). Masoko by Safaricom – http://www.masoko.com

g). Infinix Mall – http://www.infinixmall.ke

Grocery E-Commerce

a). Wagon Shopping – http://www.wagonshopping.com

b). Kalimoni Greens – http://www.kalimonigreens.com

c). GroceryPik – http://www.grocerypik.com

d). Ranchoplus – http://www.ranchoplus.com

e). Think Organic Kenya – http://www.thinkorganic.co.ke

15). Building & Construction E-Commerce.

a). CRM Kenya – http://www.crmkenya.com

b). Rahisi Construction –http://www.rahisiconstructionsupplies.co.ke

c). Najenga online – www.najengaonline.com

d). Super Bargains Hardware – http://www.superbargainshardware.com

e). Advanced Builders – http://www.advancedbuilders.co.ke

f). Devsons Industries – http://www.devsons.co.ke

g). Ejenzi – http://www.ejenzi.co.ke

h). Nairobi Safety Shop – http://www.nairobisafetyshop.org

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