How to ship goods from the USA to Kenya in 2021.


You can use any of the following methods to ship goods from the USA to Kenya:


DHL Shipping service

DHL is one of the largest logistics companies both in sea and airmail.

The company deals with the shipment of different items from the USA to Kenya.

If you have large or small shipping cargo, the company will handle it for you.

DHL also offers international courier services as well as warehousing solutions.

They have customised services and can deliver your items within a specified date.

Furthermore, the company allows you to track your shipment from the point of purchase to your doorstep.

Some of the most convenient services offered by the company are:

DHL Express 9:00:

With this service, you can ship a document from the USA today, and it will arrive in Kenya on the next possible business day.

DHL Express 12:00:

The service will guarantee delivery before noon on the next possible business day

DHL Sameday Jetline:

Your parcel will board the first possible DHL flight

The company also has a service called DHL Sameday Sprintline.

In this case, your parcel will arrive on the same day. However, same-day services mostly apply to things like letters or documents in general.


FedEx International Direct Distribution.

FedEX ship goods from the USA to Kenya

The service from FedEx offers a single and streamlined distribution channel to cut delays and fees.

You will skip unnecessary steps and clear customs as a single shipment. Also, you will bypass distribution centres through the service.

Here is how it works:

From the origin production facility, multiple packages are consolidated into a single shipment

FedEx then transports the goods to Kenya via ocean or air

The company clears custom as a single shipment

After deconsolidation, FedEx will deliver your package to your door

By using the service, you will not worry about taking your goods to a distribution centre before final delivery.

You will save money, time, and ensure your packages arrive fast.



Amazon Global ship goods from the USA to Kenya

If you are buying an item on Amazon.com, the best service that will deliver the package to you is AmazonGlobal.

To use the service, you will first have to order or buy an item from the USA-based website.

You should then go to the checkout and enter the address where you want the package delivered.

In your shopping cart, you should see whether the items you have purchased qualify for delivery in Kenya.

If they do, Amazon will add import duty and fees.

The company will then deliver your package through an international courier service.

It will take 8-12 business days for your goods to arrive.


KenTex Cargo.

Kentex Cargo ship goods from the USA to Kenya

You may buy an item from a USA online store like Amazon and eBay only to realise that item does not ship to Kenya.

But since you want the item, what do you do? That is where KenTex Cargo comes in.

It is one of the cheapest shipping companies from USA to Kenya.

If you want to buy something from Amazon, for example, the first step is to contact KenTex Cargo expressing your interest in purchasing the item.

Next, you will get a quote from the company within a short period.

Also, they will confirm whether they can buy from the link you have provided. If the quote satisfies you, they will send you their USA Address where you can ship your packages.

You will then have to buy the item, and the online store will deliver it to the address. KenTex Cargo will send you a notification to inform you when it will arrive.

In most cases, the company takes 14 days to deliver shipments from the USA to Kenya.



USGOBUY ship goods from the USA to Kenya

You can ship products from the USA to Kenya using USGoBuy.

The company offers two essential services that include:

Buy For Me Service:

With this service, your first step is to submit your purchasing order to USGoBuy.

The company will then purchase the items on your behalf.

You will then have to submit your shipping order and wait for a few days for its delivery.

Ship For Me Service:

With this service, you sign up for a free USA address.

Next, you buy your items and ship them to their warehouse or the address provided.

You will then have to submit a shipping order to the company and wait for its delivery.



Savostore: ship goods from the USA to Kenya

If you are in Kenya and you wish to ship goods from the USA to Kenya, you don’t need a contact on the ground.

With Savostore, you can buy and ship or just ship any item as long as it is within their terms and service.

Unlike FedEx, you will need to visit their premises to collect your parcel once you have been notified of its arrival.

You have many options for shipping from USA to Kenya.

For example, you can use international courier services, air shipping, or ocean freight.

There are also many companies like KenTex Cargo, Savostore and StatesDuka that will buy items in the USA on your behalf and deliver them to your doorstep.


Online shopping stores

Online store that ship to Kenya

Unknown to many Kenyans, there are many international shops that can ship goods from the USA to Kenya you’ve purchased online for free or at a small fee.

Instead of using a third-party service, you can take advantage of this shipping service to have your items sent from the USA.

Large shopping sites like Amazon, eBay, and Zara can deliver products in the country.

Make sure to visit their terms and conditions page for more information.

You should also confirm their shipping rates for that particular product before you place an order.


States Duka.

statesduka ship goods from the USA to Kenya

States Duka is one of the best companies that ship goods from the USA to Kenya. This company also serves other countries including; Uganda, Tanzania, USA, and South Sudan.

With a presence in various countries, it is a clear indicator that States Duka is a big company with experience in its field. Presently, States Duka in Kenya is located in Ngara Nairobi along Kolobot Road.

It partners with various companies including, Amazon, eBay, and OLX to export cargo to and from the USA to Eastern Africa.

They charge an average of $15 per Kilogram of cargo because they specialize in Air shipping.

Here is a list of other companies that ship goods from the USA to Kenya.

1. Century Cargo Shipping Company.

2. Octa Transporters.

3. Crono Company Limited.

4. Filkiken Transit Forwarders Ltd.

5. Mahdi Logistics.

6. Crystal spar Company.

7. Sivicom Liners Limited.

8. Famio Services limited.

9. Sheffield Cargo Logistics limited.

10. Storm Shipping Agency Limited.

11. Seaforth Shipping Kenya Ltd.

12. Rais Shipping Services Kenya Limited.

13. Emirates Shipping East Africa Limited.

14. Inchcape Shipping Services K Limited.

15. Sea Bulk Chartering And Trading Limited.

16. Wilhelmsen Ships Service Limited.

17. Bollore Africa Logistics Kenya Limited.

18. Cma Cgm Kenya Limited.

19. Access Shipping Agency Limited.

20. Access Shipping And Logistics Limited.

21. Merlion Shipping Limited.

22. Shipmarc Agency And Logistics Limited.

23. Sima Marine Limited.

24. Great Circle Line Kenya Limited.

25. Harbour Agency Limited.

26. International Shipping Agency Limited.

27. Smat Shipping Services Limited.

28. Green Island Shipping Services Limited.

29. Maersk Kenya Limited.

30. Oceanfreight Ea Ltd.

31. Sturrock Shipping (Kenya) Limited.

32. Seatrade Agencies Limited.

33. Kenya National Shipping Line Ltd.

34. Socopao Kenya Limited.

35. East African Commercial And Shipping Company Ltd.

36. Seven Seas Shipping Agencies K Limited.

37. Southern Engineering Company Limited.

38. I Messina K Limited.

39. Express Shipping And Logistics Ea Ltd.

40. Fay Logistics Limited.

41. Emirates Shipping Agencies Kenya Ltd.

42. Bio Fuels Limited.

43. Sharaf Shipping Agency (K) Ltd.

44. Diamond Shipping Services Ltd.

45. Pil (Kenya) Limited.

46. Zam Zam Shipping Limited.

47. Sosco Fishing Industries Limited.

48. Gulf Badr Group Kenya Limited.

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